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    Jun 1, 2024 - Jan 20, 2025
  • Duration
    7 months
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In an era where technological prowess and management acumen are intertwined, the Emerging Leaders Programme (ELP) is a crafted as a transformative learning experience to catalyse leadership growth. This programme is tailored for leaders poised on the cusp of strategic growth in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. ELP meticulously equips participants with an intricate blend of technological insight and enhanced interpersonal competencies, ensuring they are primed for success amidst continuous market and technological shifts.

Key Benefits

Participants will gain an extensive, 360-degree perspective on business operations, seamlessly bridging the gap between strategic planning and pragmatic execution. This programme empowers them to synergise departmental functions with broader organisational objectives, culminating in a distinct leadership persona and a formidable array of skills. Graduates of the ELP will be uniquely positioned to embrace and excel in both current and future leadership challenges with unparalleled confidence.

Key Takeaways

  • Craft your leadership development plan to lead teams with greater authenticity, empathy, and purpose
  • Master a cross-functional approach to collaboration and delivering business outcomes
  • Identify opportunities for growth and innovation unleashed by the digital revolution and a globalising economy
  • Understand the challenges of modern business management

Key Highlights

  • Virtual sessions
  • Career Progression workshops
  • Self-paced async sessions
  • Campus Immersion
  • Industry perspective sessions

Is This Programme For You?

The Emerging Leaders Programme (ELP) has been specially designed for forward-thinking, high-potential executives with 5 - 10 years of work experience who are seeking to play an expanded role in driving corporate strategy and success. Ideal profiles include:

  • Individuals who have recently transitioned into managerial roles and are looking to gain a cross-functional overview of the business and assess and sharpen their abilities for leadership success
  • Individual contributors with 5-10 years of work experience who have been identified as outstanding prospects for leadership tracks within the organisation
  • Young business leaders/owners or next-gen directors of family-managed businesses will also benefit from this programme

Learning Experience

ISB Executive Education programmes are replete with distinctive teaching methodologies and an intense and challenging learning environment that pushes participants’ learning horizons beyond their pre-existing beliefs. Through lectures from distinguished faculty, local and global case studies, business simulations, and group discussions with extraordinary peers from a broad range of industries, regions, and functions, you will be equipped with the strategies, tools and insights required to transform your thinking and achieve ambitious business objectives. You will return to your organisation, fully ready to apply what you have learned. You will also take with you a rich network of relationships that will enrich your personal and professional lives long after you complete the programme. 

Blended Programmes: Combining the best of both worlds with high-impact real-time, synchronous learning as well as self-paced online modules delivered with the same rigour both in-person and virtually.

Admission Criteria

Candidates will be evaluated to ensure a dynamic and diverse batch profile based on multiple factors, including but not limited to:

  • Appropriate experience profile for this programme
  • Leadership potential
  • Evidence of professional achievement
  • Industry and functional background
  • Motivation to participate in the programme and the ability to benefit from it
  • Ability to cope with the rigour of the programme

We admit candidates to upcoming sessions on a rolling, space-available basis, and encourage you to apply as early as possible to secure your seat in the programme. 

We admit candidates to upcoming sessions on a rolling, space-available basis, and encourage you to apply as early as possible to secure your seat in the programme.

Programme Modules

Module 1: Building Business Foundations

  • Build shared business knowledge and management foundation as a first step to starting your transformative leadership journey
  • Build a strong foundation with some of the critical concepts required to lead effectively. Complete introductory courses in accounting, statistics, managerial economics, and critical thinking to start on a level playing field
  • Improve your organisational management and decision-making ability and gain a unique industry perspective in a changing business world
  • Understand and appreciate the complexities associated with diverse parties and agendas in negotiation
  • Increase awareness of your own negotiation style
  • Learn about marketing, financial analysis, and operations with a shared vision and optimally utilise the resources at hand
  • Understand the emerging and future business trends via market research and learn how to present your findings with greater impact
  • In this module, you will also prepare yourself to craft your Action Learning Project (ALP). You will work with faculty and peers to identify and clearly define a business problem with transformative potential. Your faculty mentor will work with you to define problem hypotheses and how you could test them



Deepa Mani

Professor of Information Systems, ISB


DVR Seshadri

Professor of Marketing (Practice), ISB


S. Ramnarayan

Professor of Organisational Behaviour (Practice), ISB


Sarang Deo

Professor of Operations Management, ISB


Siddharth S. Singh

Associate Professor of Marketing, ISB


Sudhir Voleti

Associate Professor of Marketing, ISB


Hariom Manchiraju

Associate Professor of Accounting, ISB


Prakash Bagri

Associate Professor of Marketing (Practice), ISB


Pooja Mishra

Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour, ISB


Shekhar Tomar

Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy, ISB


Shilpa Aggarwal

Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy, ISB


Nikhil Madan

Assistant Professor, Organisational Behaviour, ISB


Siddharth Sharma

Assistant Professor of Strategy, ISB


Vishal Karungulam

Assistant Professor of Information Systems (Clinical), ISB


Vasundhara Sharma

Assistant Professor of Information Systems, ISB


Ramana Sonti

Clinical Associate Professor of Finance, University of Pittsburgh
Visiting Faculty, ISB


Dr. Bindu Khosla

Practice Head - Leadership Development & Career Progression,  Xcalibur.Coach


Tanya Bhattacharya

Visiting Faculty, ISB

ISB Executive Alumni Status

On successful completion of this programme, participants gain the ISB Executive Alumni status. The privileges of this exclusive community include:

  • Access to the Executive Alumni portal
  • Personal ISB e-mail ID
  • Access to ISB Executive Network LinkedIn Group
  • Access to the support team over the telephone
  • 20% discount on open executive education programmes

In addition to the above, ISB Executive Alumni are eligible to receive ongoing access to a variety of ISB research, information, and resources.

Please note that the access to the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) has been extended for participants of this programme for use throughout the programme duration. Participants will be liable to pay & procure LRC’s paid content.

Participant Stories

Value of Empathy in Business

ELP alumna shares how the programme enhanced her understanding of empathy and human connection

Niharika Chugh Vali
Founder, Jump Kids Indoor Play

Leading with Authenticity

Hear from an ELP alum on how the programme helps develop an authentic sense of leadership

Nagesh Sharma
Co-Founder & CEO, Flowsphere

Leading People and Change

Growing in leadership roles requires an understanding of people's perspectives. Hear from an ELP alum

Mazhar Hussain Warsi
Sr Solution Architech, VMWare

The Action Learning Project

Enriched learning journey enabled by tailor-made simulations of the ALP (Action Learning Project). Know more from an ELP alum

Sainki Dubey
Head of Department, Indian Navy

Fast-tracking Leadership Capabilities

ELP alumna shares how the programme enables a cross-functional business acumen

Vaishali Jain
Manager, Product Development, Pitney Bowes

Enabling Organisational Growth

An ELP alum shares how the programme helps in becoming a proactive leader

Aakanksha Mathur
National Head, LEAD School

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