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    Oct 12, 2023 - Dec 8, 2023
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    INR 10,00,000 ($ 12,100*) + tax
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Asia, home to the world's fastest-growing economies - India, Singapore, China, and Japan - presents an irresistible market potential driven by a burgeoning middle class and a consumer-centric economy.    

For ambitious organisations and visionary leaders, seizing opportunities in Asia and emerging economies is not a choice but a necessity. The ISB-NUS Global Advanced Management Programme (GAMP) is tailor-made for senior leaders seeking to harness the immense potential of global emerging markets like Asia for exponential growth. With two world-class business schools collaborating – ISB, India and NUS, Singapore - the programme offers an intellectually stimulating and invigorating learning experience. The programme empowers leaders to redefine and measure their strategic leadership competencies while embracing innovation and sustainable growth. 

The transformative learning journey unfolds across three robust dimensions designed to cultivate exceptional leadership skills and holistic perspectives.

Dimension One unveils the intricate interplay between government, business, and society while harnessing the disruptive force of cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML and analytics for decision-making. By aligning your organisation with external market forces, you'll gain a competitive edge that endures. Navigating uncertainties with adaptability and data-informed insights will become second nature, ensuring your Leadership thrives even in turbulent environments.

Dimension Two delves into operational excellence and supply/value chain mastery. Leveraging analytics and strategic inventory management, you will elevate operational efficiencies and scale global operations with unprecedented speed and efficacy.

Dimension Three centres on nurturing personal leadership acumen to drive transformative change within your organisation and you. Guided by strategic management principles, you will harmonise vision with action, creating a mindset of innovation that resonates deeply with customers.

Redefine your leadership agenda and arm yourself with multidimensional competencies that are imperative to navigate emerging markets like Asia.

Who Should Attend

This programme is for you if you are a:

  • Senior executive with 15+ years of management experience shouldering strategic responsibility
  • Mid-senior to a senior level executive with a functional or cross-functional responsibility
  • Founder or partner of a startup or small-to-mid-sized organisation looking to expand at a global scale
  • Senior business leader responsible for strategic growth and expanding global footprint

The likely job titles are CEO, CFO, COO, President, Managing Director, Vice President, Regional Director, Country Manager, General Manager, and Divisional Director - business managers who are between passages four and five of the leadership pipelines across all organisational functions.

Key Takeaways

The programme will help you define and measure strategic leadership competencies for innovation while architecting and implementing a holistic enterprise strategy and developing inclusive, transparent and value-driven processes

  • Lead your organisation effectively in today’s disruptive business landscape
  • Benefit from insights from the world’s most influential, globalised country
  • Equip yourself for the challenges of global business environments
  • Gain sharp industry insights from within a fast- growing emerging economy
  • Master modern frameworks for strategic thinking and change management
  • Reflect upon your business, its activities, and your career as a business leader
  • Understand yourself, your leadership characteristics, and your competencies better

Phase 1: Indian School of Business

ISB Hyderabad campus, India

The ISB immersion offers participants a broad understanding of the global economy and long-term trends, guiding them to strategically position their businesses amidst evolving dynamics. It underscores the impact of disruptive technologies on business landscapes and prepares participants to harness these forces effectively. The immersion highlights emerging technologies like AI, ML, IoT, Blockchain, and AR/VR, promoting an understanding of their transformative potential and ethical implications. It emphasises designing efficient supply chain strategies and managing global operations tactfully, considering inventory and quality standards. Participants are also encouraged to develop innovative communication abilities, hone their leadership skills, and create an impactful personal brand, fostering adaptability, continuous growth, and positive change within their organisations.

Phase 2: NUS Business School

Mochtar Riady Building, 15 Kent Ridge Drive Singapore.

Phase II elevates your grasp of behavioural economics and strategic acumen, empowering you to make judicious choices that foster organisational growth. It imparts proficiency in leveraging analytics for data-driven business decisions. You will delve into the intricate interplay between customers, competition, and alignment to achieve a competitive advantage. By mastering strategy, innovation, and change management, you will perceive your organisation as an integral component of its industry or market.


ISB faculty includes leading academics with credentials and teaching experience from top global business schools as well as accomplished practitioners who have managed large enterprises.


Deepa Mani

Professor of Information Systems, ISB


S Ramnarayan

Professor of Organisational Behaviour (Practice), ISB


Nandu Nandkishore

Adjunct Professor, Marketing Strategy, ISB (Masterclass Faculty, ISB-NUS GAMP)


Vishal Karungulam

Visiting Faculty, ISB


Mudit Kapoor

Associate Professor of Economics, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), New Delhi Visiting Faculty, ISB


Achal Bassamboo

Charles E. Morrison Professor of Decision Sciences, Professor of Operations, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Visiting Faculty, ISB


Jo Seung-Gyu

Deputy Academic Director, NUS MBA Programme


Ishtiaq Pasha Mahmood

Professor of Strategy & Policy, NUS Business School


Joel Goh

Associate Professor of Analytics & Operations, NUS Business School


Zafar Abdulmajid Momin

Adjunct Associate Professor, Senior Partner and MD at Boston Consulting Group, AT Kearney and LEK Consulting

ISB Certificate

After successful completion of this programme, you will be awarded an ISB Executive Education Certificate, formal recognition of your professional development.

ISB Executive Alumni Benefits

Participants who successfully complete this programme become part of the ISB Executive Alumni. 

The privileges of this exclusive community include:

  • ISB Email ID
  • ISB ID card with unique ID No.
  • Access to ISB Executive Network LinkedIn Group
  • Access to the support team over the telephone
  • 20% discount on open executive education programmes

In addition to Executive Network benefits, ISB Executive Alumni are eligible to receive ongoing access to a variety of ISB research, information, and resources.    

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