A dedicated public policy research and analysis team works within the Public Sector Solutions team, undertaking research on Indian governance and administration with a significant focus on public service delivery, capacity building, entrepreneurship, workforce skilling, and employment generation.

Our work is rigorous, relevant and rooted in the cutting edge of economic and management research. The Policy Analysis and Research team works to contribute to the body of literature on effective pedagogy design, knowledge transfer and peer learning within the public sector, especially in the context of developing economies.

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Write to us at execed_gov@isb.edu

The ISB Advantage

  • list-icon Research-backed thought leadership
  • list-icon Expertise in knowledge transfer in the Indian public sector
  • list-icon Evidence generation for iterative training programme design
  • list-icon Case study development for global management education

Case Study 1

Boosting rural entrepreneurship through India’s Common Services Centres: An agile grassroots-based approach

Financial Inclusion

Case Study 2

Widening the Financial Inclusion net in India’s Villages through Common Services Centres

Securing Education

Case Study 3

Alternative Pathways: Securing Education for all through the CSC Academy