With the world around us is in constant flux, a new set of expectations have arisen, when it comes to leadership styles. Widening the scope of leadership from who is leading, and how they are leading, to how effective and adaptable they are as leaders in crisis.

This has brought to the fore a discussion on the importance of women in leadership roles or rather the lack thereof.

In 2021, India ranked 3rd globally for the percentage of women in senior leadership roles.  With women in India making up 39% of senior leadership, compared to the global average of 31%.

But, is this enough?

In Fortune India 500’s 2020 list of companies, only 29 companies had women in senior executive roles, with the top 10 companies having no women at all in their senior leadership.

So, how do we bring more women into leadership roles and provide them with the supportive environment necessary to achieve their full potential?

Adapted from an article by Shraddhanjali Rao, Vice President, Human Resources, SAP, India originally published on ISB Management ReThink.