Sharpen your analytical rigour and competencies to build expertise in your professional area.

Our topic-focused programmes cut across organisational functions and sectors, providing executives across hierarchies a diverse and distinctive set of learning interventions that enable them to play an expanded role in their functions and create an impact for self, team, and organisations.

The programmes are carefully designed as potent learning capsules that leverage the school’s cutting-edge research curriculum, globally renowned faculty, and innovative and engaging pedagogies to empower executives to excel in an ever-evolving environment.

Programmes by Topic


Improve corporate governance and business results through more effective boards and committees.

Digital Transformation

Embrace digital transformation to drive unprecedented growth.


Build financial acumen to assess the risk and value of key business decisions and opportunities.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Drive a culture of experimentation and innovation for unparalleled business growth.


Expand your capability to achieve, motivate and lead teams and organizations with impact.

Marketing & Sales

Design a modern, integrated marketing and sales strategy to maximize growth and consumer value.

Operations Management

Design and optimise operations for improved visibility, efficiency, and profitability.

Strategy & Organisation

Design and execute powerful strategies that drive growth, renewal and business transformation.

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